Class Information:

Abs Blast: An intense abdominal workout aimed at developing core muscles. Our instructors take you through a range of mat-based exercises of varying intensities.
Aerobic Conditioning:
Bodyworx: Classic circuits style class using functional movements.
Bodyburn: Fitness class designed to get the best out of your bodies. This is a fun complete-body workout in a relaxed environment.
Booty Burn: A lower body strength building class to fire up your booty and other leg muscles. Get ready to strengthen your glutes and legs with weights, bands and bodyweight exercises.
Boxing: High intensity boxing circuit with pads and bags, conditioning the body and building strength and technique.
Cardio Blast: A 45 minute circuit style class using cardiovascular machines coupled with bodyweight exercises.
Chrisfit: Chris’ (Wonka) creative stlye of circuit class incorporates lots of bodyweight and core exercises with very little rest.. but lots of enjoyment.
Circuits: Circuit classes are high energy, fast-paced and involve moving your way around different exercise stations performing each exercise as many times as you can in a set amount of time… times will vary each workout.
FastBlast: A 30 minute blast using funcitonal & cardio based exercises to push you in a short space of time.
Fitkids: A class designed for ages 5-12 to aid with mobility, balance and to exert some of that young energy! Parents can leave the room for a Basecamp coffee or to use the gym.
Functional Fitness: Varied workouts that include compound exercises and multi-joint movements carried out with resistance or a high speed for set times.
Hero Wod:
HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training using variations of styles including bodyweight, plyometric and barbell exercises.
LBT: Full body aerobic workout that aims to tone up thighs, bum and stomach.
Mobility&Movement: Focused on varied mobility and movement flows using equipment and body weight exercises, suitable for all levels of experience.
Mum&Baby:Whether you are new to training, or returning having had your baby, our class is designed to keep mothers fit and healthy, offering a range of exercises to suit your fitness, strength and weight loss goals. All while your baby rests or plays beside you in the safety of our studio.
RAWfit: Carl’s military background will push you to workout harder and burn more calories than you’d think possible.
Spin: High intensity cycling workout choreographed to music.
Spin&Things: Mixing a high intensity cycling workout with HIIT style training.
Team Wod:
Warrior: Our most popular circuit class, be prepared to walk out very sweaty. Timings and class layout will always change, but the intensity will remain high.
Weights Workshop:
Yoga: Focusing on strength, flexibility and posture, our yoga expert Mike will soon make you realise yoga is a key exercise to promote wellbeing.