Local sports therapists specialising in injury treatment, rehabilitation & manual therapies.

At SGC 🤲🏼 we not only offer a number of treatments which aid & rehabilitate your recovery, we also help
you become more aware about your body 🦵🏽

We help our clients become more responsible for doing every thing they can to become a healthier happier you 😆

Rehab is a long process and it isn’t resolved in one session by your therapist, it’s actually resolved by YOU putting in the hard work.

Hands up 🙌🏻 who has those frustrating days where you think your’e not getting any where.

Those long hours doing what you think are “pointless” rehab exercises.

Trust the process ☘️
🔑 YOU are the key to your own success.
🔑 YOU are the key to reaching that ultimate end goal. Being “injury free”
🔑 YOU are the the key to your own recovery. 🤍

It’s a long hard road but each one of you have the mental strength to get through the good days & bad days.

We are just here to guide you, support you, pick you up and help you along the way because we are totally invested in YOU 🙌🏻.

Our door is always open to talk because we know how tough things can be… don’t struggle in silence 💙

For any questions or query’s give us a DM 💬

We offer:
🔸Sports Massage
🔸Myofacial Cupping Therapy
🔸Rehabilitation Programmes
🔸Rehabilitation Gym Sessions
🔸Ultrasound Therapy
🔸Strapping & Taping
🔸K tapping
🔸Ice Recovery Massage